How do I receive jobs on the Stepes platform?

Asked on March 14, 2018 in Stepes.
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You will only be able to receive translation jobs if your profile is correctly filled out and no information is missing. We also base our decision on your industries of expertise, the demand for you language pair(s),and your location. Of course, your average rating and number of past projects also influences our decision.

When jobs within your language pair(s) are posted on Stepes, you will be sent an email or in-app notification to accept the job. Whoever accepts the job first and fulfills previously given criteria will be given the translation task. As Stepes continues to grow, more jobs will be made available to you as a Stepes translator. You have the option to accept jobs and translate in your desktop web browser or using our iOS or Android app.

Answered on March 14, 2018.
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